24 November 2012


Three glorious days (including leaving work early on Wednesday) have gone by and not a single stitch has been sewn.  Not.  One.  Don't get me wrong; the desire to sew and create is overwhelming.  Though when it comes to actually doing something, nada.  My sewjo is a fugitive on the run and it's been like this for the last few weeks. 

I'm not productive at the pottery studio either.  When my sewjo takes a break, I can usually keep the creative juices going at the wheel.  This time around?  Nothing.  I might try to go in today for a marathon bowl-throwing session for an upcoming charity event.  We'll see.  Right now, my mind says 'meh.' 

I know what's causing the drag in my motivation. I've experienced a number of heartbreaking disappointments over the last couple of months and it's taking me some time to get over it.  From finally realizing it is time to let go of two situations to regaining almost all the weight I lost last year, "being stuck" is the best way I can describe my current emotional and creative state.  Thankfully I have some very supportive and loving friends in my life with really strong and water-resistant shoulders.

That's all for now.



  1. When disappointments come right after another, it does get us down. really down. Hang in there, girl! This too shall pass!

    Maybe time for a really easy, quick project, on a TNT pattern??

    Take a break, do something, anything, that you haven't done yet, or haven't done in ages..

    Big hgs!

  2. ((hugs))
    Sometimes, down time can be refreshing and give you that extra "ump" to keep going.

  3. @Kay: Thank you so much. I am trying to rely on the thought that this too shall pass. I thought about making a pair of jeans, but can't even bring myself to digging out the pattern!

    @Audrey: Thank you. I am not going to try to force anything and allow myself to experience the downtime. Congrats on your new machine!

  4. I do un-stuck-ing one little thing at a time. Ironing and mending are the little things that help me because they clear up space for sewing, both vertically and horizontally.

  5. Sending warm sewjo thoughts your way!!

  6. I hope something wonderful happens to cheer you. Don't give up.


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