15 November 2012

YSG: Ramblings

1.  My new 2012 car is in the shop.
2.  Seriously.
3.  To say that I am having a WTF moment underestimates the moment.
4.  For real.
5.  The fuel tank has to be replaced.
6.  O_o
7.  Of course, I just filled that mofo too.  It will be full when I get it back.
8.  "Stand" by Donnie McClurkin is on constant repeat.
9.  The US Court system is a joke.
10.  And not the ha-ha-I-think-I-peed-a-little kind of joke either.
11.  I haven't sewn a stitch in almost a week.
12.  Change is coming.
13.  I had a great workout today.
14.  I forgot what it was like to drive an automatic.
15.  I keep looking for the clutch.
16.  Lady Grey is finished.
17.  The fabric is starting to get fuzzy.
18.  I didn't know wool pilled.
19.  Jon Stewart is hilarious.
20.  Hmm.


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