12 December 2012

In Progress: M5523 (skirt)

To test out the rayon-poly-lycra (RPL) stretch woven I recently bought, I decided to cut another version of McCall's 5523 using view A.  I made this before (out of wool, of course) and loved it.  In an effort to make more wash-n-wear clothing and to see how I like wearing RPL, I thought this would be the perfect pattern.  I still think it's a great pattern, but I'm not too impressed with how it looks right now.  The fabric sews and presses wonderfully, but...that flounce area looks a little...um...yeah...  It looks nothing like the drawing on the envelope.

I pressed the $#!* out of that area with a lot of steam and used my ham on the curved areas.  Meh.  I like the skirt and will definitely finish it, but I've got to do something about that back area.  In person, the back doesn't look that bad. (Is it me or does it seem like the camera finds a way to highlight every wrinkle and bump?)  When I finish the skirt, I hope to pair it with the silky charmeuse you see in the second picture using Simplicity 2892.

I'm still trying to decide how to line the skirt.  I have some Bemberg Ambiance in the stash and am awaiting swatches of stretch poly charmeuse.  I'll think on it a few more days and then decide on something.

Until next time, be well!


  1. Looks like you're off to a great start L.

    1. Thanks Faye! I had to take a pause, though, because my serger decided it didn't want to cut fabric anymore.

  2. I have just finished my second versions of this skirt, and love it. The lining was also an issue with me, but I ended up lining the skirt, but not the feature area. Instead I just handsewed (boring!!!) the lining down along the seam lines around the insert. And yes, the camera seems to find every single bump, and then some - definitely not you!

    1. I love how you lined the second version. The view you just made was the one I made first. I didn't line it, though. I'm going to try to line this version the way you did yours. Thanks for sharing!


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