27 January 2013

Stashbusting Challenge

Houston.  We have a problem.
Building my own spaceship and flying it to the moon would probably be less of a challenge. 

One of my intentions for 2013 is to sew more of my stash.  As evidenced by the picture above, this will be an intention for many years to come.  SMH.  In my defense, one bin is full of lining.  Whenver Ambiance goes on sale or I get a good coupon, I buy basic colours.  The rest...well...  There are casual-wear knits, cottons, bottomweights, silks, linen, shirtings, activewear knits and lots upon lots of wool.  There is a pack of sheep shivering their asses off because of me.  Awww...poor little guys...

This picture doesn't include three overflowing bins of what-was-I-thinking fabric,  now used only for muslins.

Here's my pledge:

"I, Lynn of You sew girl!, commit to using at least 12 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. I also commit to using at least 10 patterns from the stash. Stash includes any fabric or patterns on hand prior to the date of this pledge, 15 Jan 2013."

I think committing to using 12 pieces of fabric is reasonable and quite doable.  Some folks set some pretty lofty goals from sewing 3/4 of the stash to using over 20 pieces and not buying any more fabric.  Yeah.  I know me.  Setting the bar really low works.  LOL!  I can raise it whenever I want, right?

Oh and about those patterns.  Yeah, that's another thing that needs work.

McVoguerickwik, Burda, New Look
Jalie, Colette, Christine Jonson, Indygo Junction
drawers closed for a reason...out of sight out of mind

BWOF, Knipmode, La Mia Boutique, Patrones

two boxes of culled patterns

Anyone else taking the plunge pledge?  Originators of and more details about the challenge can be found here.


  1. LOL!!!! That is one crazy stash full of treasures...J

    1. Heh. This is one crazy stash full of crazy. =)

  2. Ok, answer me this: I have three drawers full (117) patterns in my culled department which I need to get around to listing on eBay. So WHY oh WHY did I just purchase 7 (seven!) more patterns on SewingPatterns.com? Maybe it was because the Vogue ones were going so cheap, but if that's the case, why is only one of the 7 patterns a Vogue pattern? When do I plan to have time to sew the other 202 patterns in my (unculled) collection? Actually, I've convinced DH to NOT go on a 6 hour drive today - including a visit to a sewing machine museum - in order to finish the half-finished nightie that's currently pinned to my dressmakers dummy; and with the leftover fabric I plan to add a ruffle to the lower hem of the dressing gown that was my last project, that I'm wearing as I type this up. That was from a vintage Lutterloh pattern book that I downloaded some time ago. The nightie is a not-so-vintage New Look pattern, and I couldn't find 18cm (7") wide lace, so I pieced together two 8cm wide pieces and now there's a fugly seam down the middle of the lace. Oh well. He won't notice. Hopefully it won't be too uncomfortable. Why am I procrastinating writing this, and not out there sewing?

    1. Jen, I had to laugh out loud when reading your post. You sound like me when it comes to patterns. After the most recent cull in January, I bought a few more. Fortunately, newest releases aren't too appealing to me. After doing a quick scan of the pattern files saved on my computer, the current count is 410. O_O This number probably includes some of the patterns culled.

      "Why am I procrastinating writing this, and not out there sewing?" Because you're just like me. =)

  3. Your pictures are what I can only imagine my stash would look like - if I had a bigger place. As it is, I don't have any more reasonable space for fabric. But, I'm so tempted to get more - there have been some amazing sales lately.

    I love your goal - I think, it's totally reasonable and completely doable!

    1. I thought about what I'd do if I sold my house and got an apartment. I realized that I would have to downsize considerably as there would be no room for furniture. =)

  4. I'm not taking the pledge, know myself too well ;) Should do it though, as my stash (which is not even very big) bothers me (think it's a very personal thing, when it bothers you or not, not so much to do with space).
    Admire you for doing this though, it sounds doable.

    1. This is exactly why I set an easy goal. I figure I can find twelve pieces of fabric to sew - even if it's all denim and I make nothing but jeans. That counts, right? LOL

  5. Those poor sheep. LOL. That stash....I'm drooling here. I don't have a large stash because I'm limited in room. However,yours is awesome. Your goal is totally do-able. I'm rooting for ya.

    1. Thanks! Those poor sheep run for the hills when they see me coming with needle and thread. =)

  6. LOL! You are hilarious! I thought I had a problem with my various stashes! I don't think I got NOTHING on you! :)
    Can you please explain what some of those pattern magazines are? I am only familiar with Burda.

  7. =) Thanks!

    The other magazines are similar to Burda (Germany) in that they contain several patterns in one issue. They're also based in other countries.

    Knipmode (The Netherlands)
    Patrones (Spain)
    La Mia Boutique (Italy)
    Ottobre (Finland)
    Manequim (Brazil)
    My Image (The Netherlands)

    There are probably several more but these are the ones that came to mind first.


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