26 January 2013

YSG: Ramblings

1.  It's been nearly three weeks since my last blog post.
2.  That's about when I last sewed a single stitch, too.
3.  I have drafts of posts.
4.  In my head.
5.  Does that count?
6.  School started three weeks ago and I've been in sixth gear ever since.
7.  Speaking of gears, my car has to go back to the shop.
8.  O_o
9.  I am so tempted to trade it in and I haven't even had it a year.
10.  I knew I should have bought the Honda.
11.  My Jalie jacket still sits without a lining.
12.  I've cut out all pieces except the sleeves.
13.  I've got too many projects going on at the moment.
14.  That's hampered my sewjo.
15.  A recent road trip has not helped the situation.
16.  I am going to work really hard to sew this weekend.
17.  I'd like to finish my jacket.
18.  My next break won't be until March.
19.  Ugh.
20.  Who cares if Beyonce lip-synced?
21.  FLOTUS Obama's inaugural coat was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. 
22.  Sista got it goin' on.
23.  That's all for now.  Hopefully I'll get to sew tomorrow.



  1. Glad to hear from your! And no, I don't care what Beyonce did and I'm tired of hearing about it!!!

    1. Thank you, Faye! The Beyonce thing is so overblown!


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