03 February 2013

Pinterest: Friend or Foe?

I've had a Pinterest account for about a year.  I've logged on twice, once when I opened the account and today.  =)  I find the whole thing a bit daunting and, for this reason, have not made much use of site.  There are SO many pictures and boards - I feel overwhelmed.  After first pinning a couple of pictures, I got an alert saying someone that I don't know "liked" my pin.  Huh?  I can't make this thing private?

Cenetta of The Mahogany Stylist recently posted a link to her "My Style" board on Pinterest.  Her board has many fabulous photos of garments, outfits, looks, etc.

Here are my questions:
  1. How do you find pictures like that?
  2. Do I have to sit and go through pages of photos?
  3. How do you use Pinterest?
  4. Is it a friend or foe?



  1. I know how you feel. I've just started to use Pinterest primarily because of my Mood association. I can see how people are fascinated with it because there is so much info on those boards. I've only pinned a few things and I've cheated because some sites have a little pin symbol that I've used to pin the item to my board.

    I'm sure there are some advanced pinners out there that can share some tips with both of us.

    1. Indeed, there is so much information that I get overwhelmed after being on for a few minutes.

  2. I've used Pinterest for about 9 months. My only beef is that it is A TIME SUCKER, but of course I have to use common sense in the amount of time that I spend on it. There is an ENDLESS amount of use information and inspiration there.
    . If you have a particular interest, you can type it in the Pinterest search engine and just see pictures related to your interest.
    . If you go on and looking under the area entitled EVERYTHING you will see pictures for EVERYTHING that people all over the world (I guess) have pinned for that day. Thus you could spend countless hours looking at pictures that you have no interest in.
    . You can choose to FOLLOW certain pinners or choose to FOLLOW people who might send you an invitation to follow. When you FOLLOW you see only pictures of what the people you follow pin for the day.
    . You set up the boards that you want, and when you re-pin what others have pinned, you categorize those pictures onto your boards for further use.
    . If you choose you can set your boards so that no one else can pin to them, if you leave them open, I've found that other people can pin stuff to your boards that they think you may have an interest in. To date only one of my boards are open to other pinners - my Tailoring Board.
    . A new feature is SECRET boards. This is a board that you set up to pin things that you do not want others to see. Just how secure the secret boards are - I don't know.
    . I don't send as much time as I once did on Pinterest - guess the newness is wearing off, but I do still visit several times a week.

    Hope this wasn't too much information, and hope it was helpful.

    1. Thank you so much, Faye, for all of the fantastic tips! I will definitely follow your advice.

  3. Pinterest is a good site for inspiration and one can find it as Faye mentioned a time sucker. However, we all are looking for inspiration. I love to image search/Google from home decor to fashion and if an image comes up that I like, I copy and paste the http into the add a pin cell. Some times it doesn't work, but often it does.

  4. I love pinterest. I find my pins either from other pinners (mainly the food ones) and fashion I pin from shop websites or catalogues. I also use Polyvore to create "fashion" boards with colours that interest me. It can be a time sucker as Faye says. I found at first I was on it every day trolling for images. Now I probably go on once a week.

    What I love so much about it is that I can collect images of clothing that appeal to me and hopefully I can try to recreate some of them when I get better at sewing.

    Don't let it overwhelm you - start using the secret boards - keep it to yourself. Use it as a tool.

    Have fun.

  5. I joined Pinterest a few months ago, and didn't do anything about it. Then i read this post and immediately knew what I could do with it: http://getpocket.com/a/read/289026176

    To see what I've done with Pinterest, here are my boards: http://pinterest.com/maryinfl/

    1. Ignore my first link and use this one: http://imsewinintherain.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/my-pattern-stash/

    2. Thanks, Mary! I'll check it out.

  6. I like Pinterest for inspiration. It helps me put outfits together in combinations I would have never thought about. I find great organizational idesa and recipes. This past holiday season I used a lot of gift wrapping and handmade gift ideas from Pinterest.
    As everyone says,it will eat up time. Just relax and browse around.

  7. You don't have to look through millions of pages, just type in the search word at the left top corner. Say, red skirt and it would bring up millions of pictures of red skirt. .choose what you like and pin away.

    You don't have to pin them all at one go, pin them as and when yo see a picture... you can add 'pin it' to your tool bar and when you are on a blog and you see a super nice top or something that you like to pin, click on that 'pin it' from your toolbar and it will pin it, to your board.

    IT is a time sink! but fun anyways!

    1. Duh. That makes total sense! I was searching for "dresses" or "women's fashion" and got tired after scrolling for two minutes. Using more directed searches can definitely cut down on the number of images.

  8. mine is Misskayosis, if you want to browse! ;)

    You can also set up your settings that you will not be notified if somebody pins or likes your pictures.. Soon there will be hundreds of likes and your inbox will be flooded. Sure you can make them private, but why bother when these are free pictures on internet anyway and share the joy.

    Now if it was some personal project I'm working on and I want it to be private, I will most definitely use the secret board option.

    1. I meant to type this in the other reply. Oops. I'll check out your boards. Thanks for sharing!


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