08 March 2013

BWOF 9-2009-137 (UFO): Complete

It's finished, but I don't think this pattern works for me - at least not in the fabrics I've selected. 


I made this back in 2011, but the fabric made the garment a disaster.  The amount of polyester in the fabric created unsightly wrinkles that were difficult to remove.

In theory, this is a cute skirt.  But in practice I'm 0-2 and that's enough for me to move on.

Fabric & Notions:
  • 1.5 yards of rayon-poly-lycra (O_o) woven
  • 1.5 yards Bemberg Ambiance
  • 7" invisible zipper
  • two strips of fusible interfacing for the zipper area
  • walking foot
  • 70/10 microtex needle

I know, I know.  I hate polyester.  It's true.  Polyester is the devil in fabric form.  However, this rayon-poly stretch woven is SO nice to sew.  I don't quite know how much polyester is in the fabric, but it must not be enough to cause problems.  This fabric holds a press well and doesn't melt at high temperatures.  Unfortunately the cream version of this fabric makes every wrinkle extremely visible.  Remember this?

Yeah.  Exactly.


I added a 1.25" wedge at the center back as a full seat adjustment.  I completely forgot to shorten the skirt before cutting my fabric.  Even without a hem, the dress is too long for me.  My solution involved lopping off about 2 inches from the bottom.  Meh.  I'm not a fan.  The proportions on this don't seam right:  there's a little flounce and a lotta back.  Not the look I was going for.

Seam Allowances:

BWOF magazine patterns do not include seam allowances.  Since I have to make adjustments to almost everything I make, this is actually a good thing.  You can make your alterations and true everything up right at the seamline.  I used half-inch seam allowances along the side seams and waist. I used a 3/8" seam along the edge where the lower and upper halves are joined. I found it much easier to sew this seam and didn't need to do any clipping.


I finished the raw edges on my serger first and then sewed the seams on my machine.  All seams were pressed open except for the seam joining the flounce to the back.  I used a rolled hem on both the lining and shell.  By this time I was over the skirt and ready to move on.


It's not a wadder...yet.  I'll give it a couple of wears and see how I like it.  Otherwise, someone is getting two cream rayon poly lycra woven skirts for free. 

UFO Tally:

1.   Beignet (relinquished back to Area 51)
2.  Simplicity 2648
3.  Simplicity 1945 (needs coverstitching and cowl)
4.  Jalie 2559
5.  Vogue 8426 (on deck)
6.  Simplicity 2804 (needs coverstitching)
7.  BWOF 9-2009-134

Until next time, peace!


  1. Yes, I have garments that work out like this as well! Always very frustrating. Only I sometimes have to end up wearing them, LOL's. I see you are in the sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge - so am I, so it will be fun to see each other's garments. Pop over and say hi sarahlizsewstyle.blgospot.com

    1. Thank you Sarah. I am excited to be a part of the challenge and agree that it will be fun to see what we all make. I tried to view your blog, but am redirected to a survey instead. I'll try to find you another way.

  2. Hi L, I have no idea why you were redirected - nothing to do with me that I know about, the vagaries of technology perhaps - but thanks for finding me - look forward to lots of sewing chats with you. Sarah Liz

  3. The darker skirt even looks like it has an evil grin. Polyester is evil.


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