31 March 2013

Jeans #9 (Part 3 - back)

Before I get into part 3 (which is pretty short), I'd like to answer Natalea's question about the weight of my denim.  I like to use denim that weighs at least 12 ounces with no more than 25% stretch across the grain.  My second pair of jeans are made out of thin, lightweight denim and they don't have enough heft for my taste.  If you are purchasing denim online, definitely order a swatch first and make sure the fabric is heavy enough!

Back (30 minutes)

This part is really quick and simple.  The directions say to press the seam toward the back, but I pressed and serged mine toward the yoke.  I wanted the bulk of the seam to lay on the left of the flange on my blindhem foot so that I can topstitch first line.

As mentioned before, the seam allowances in this pattern are 3/8", so I don't cut off any fabric when serging.  If I did, I wouldn't have much on which to topstitch.

When topstitching this part, the garment is to the right of the needle.  I don't find it too much of a problem to handle.

This is all I have for now.  Next up is the construction of the front pockets.  There's a slight delay with proceeding, though.  I forgot to wash the pocket lining fabric with the last load of laundry and the water heater issue has not been resolved.  I might just wash it by hand so that I can keep going. I am really, REALLY trying to be Zen about this, though my patience is wearing thin...kinda like my second pair of jeans.



  1. Very informative. Great post.

  2. I *really* love that back pocket design !!!!

  3. That is how I would do the yoke as well - sometimes it's best to work out what works best. Fantastic job.

  4. Your jeans are coming along very nicely, love the pocket design.


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