07 April 2013

Jeans #9 (Part 4 - front pockets)

I was surprised to see how long it took me to sew and attached the front pockets.  The instructions for this part are short and quite simple.  Even though I had to wind a bobbin and remove some serging, both of those activities took maybe five minutes total.  Still, I counted about an hour for this part.

Front Pockets (61 minutes)
I like to use cotton fat quarters for my pocket linings.  There are lots of interesting prints and designs from which to choose and are relatively inexpensive.  Before cutting out the pieces, I pre-wash the fabric so that it doesn't shrink and cause any pulling on the front.

1.  Before attaching the front yoke to the  front pocket facing, I serged the bottom edge to prevent raveling.  The front yoke faces the inside of the pocket and is prone to wear and tear if you use this pocket a lot. 

2.  Pin the wrong side of the front yoke to the right side of the front pocket lining.  Edgestitch about 1/4" around all sides.

3.  Right sides together, pin the front pocket facing to the yoke/lining unit.

Sew along the un-notched edge (on the seamline) from the top (waist) around to the bottom.  Again to prevent raveling or fraying, I serged the edges.

Some people like having the printed part facing outside so that when the jeans are turned inside out, you can see the right side of the pocket fabric.  I like to have the right side facing in so that when I look into the pocket, I can see the print.  If you'd like the printed side out, just flip the pieces accordingly.

4.  Right sides together,  pin the pocket unit to the jeans front.  When I first made this pattern, I didn't quite understand how this was supposed to look.  The illustration in the instructions seem to suggest that the pocket unit will lie flat.  This is impossible if you stitch the un-notched side first.  As you can see in the photo on the left, the yoke/facing unit is sort of bunched up beneath the seam that is to be sewn next.  It's not hard to maneuver around this area - just be careful not to stitch over the bulk.  Stitch on the seamline from the corner (before the orange pin the picture) to the side seam.

Clip the curve.

5. Turn the pocket unit to the inside and press.  At this point, the notches on the pocket unit side seam should match the notches on the jeans side seam.  Press the entire front-pocket unit.

6.  Keeping the pocket unit free of the front pocket edge, topstitch or add decorative stitching.  Next, pin the pocket unit and front together at the notches.  Stitch through all layers just in the area of the pins, inside the seamline. 

Give the front and good press.

Up next is the zipper.  I have a lot of work work to do over the next couple of days and really want to contribute to Faye's Essential Top Sew Along before it ends.  I should be able to put some time into completing the front of the jeans this week.  At least, that's what I'm hoping for!

Time recap:

1.  prep - 33 minutes
2.  back pockets - 91 minutes
3.  back - 30 minutes
4.  front pockets - 61 minutes

Total time:  3 hours, 35 minutes

Until next time, peace!



  1. What a nice touch adding patchwork fabric, must remember to try this

  2. Great tutorial. I am sure to reference it when I get to doing pockets.

  3. Wow! You're doing a great job Lynn.... If you're okay with it, I would like to compile all of your segments for the "tips&tutorials" tab on the challenge blog. I will link each tip back to your original posts. Let me know if it's okay.... Vita

  4. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You may pick it up at my blog. If you are not interested, please message me in the comments.

  5. I love the patchwork pocket as well. So many people are going to find these jeans tutorials very useful.


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