20 April 2013

Jeans #9 (Part 6 - in/out seams)

I must be set on slow-mode or something.  Once again, another sewing process has taken me longer than normal to complete.  Honestly, how much time should it really take to sew four seams?  Apparently adding an hour to the most conservative estimate should suffice.  Yikes.

Okay, okay.  Perhaps I'm being a little harsh.  After all, I ceased sewing to try on the pants for fit.  I also played around with the settings for the serpentine stitch to get the curve I wanted.  But should this really have taken an hour?  

In/out seams (80 minutes)

1.  Since the front and back crotch seams are already sewn, the inseams can be sewn in one complete line from hem to hem.

2.  The jeans are topstitched the same manner.  

3.  Once the inseams are topstitched, pin and sew the outseams.  Press the side seams toward the back and topstitch to just below the front pocket.  Since I can't see the front pocket, I use the back pocket as my guide.  I think this line helps to add security to what can be a high-stress area.  I don't know if this is true or not, though.  Some RTW jeans have a straight line of topstitching while others have interesting designs.  I opted to end the straight stitch with a serpentine stitch.  On my last pair, I added a small lightning bolt to mimic the design on the back.

I've attached the belt loops and will post that part next.



  1. keep on keeping on! sometimes I'm amazed at how long some things take me too!

    1. Thanks Kyle! Sometimes the simplest tasks take a lot of time. Weird, huh? =)

  2. Hi L, sometimes I hit my own internal go slow button, and can't sew quickly whatever I try to do to rev myself up. Other times, sewing just flows. And perhaps by counting the time, you are not so much in the moment of the process but more watching the time. So long as you get there. Also, you are documenting the process, and that takes lots of time - and perhaps you are trying to be "more careful" than usual? I know I do that!

    1. I think you're right, SarahLiz. I have been watching the time because I want to be as accurate as possible. Documenting and taking pictures also takes time and I haven't been subtracting those minutes. You've made a lot of good points that definitely apply here!

  3. Wow! These jeans are really coming together.
    You have me so inspired - I'm looking for denim & jacket fabric.... I got big plans for the summer.

    1. Thanks Audrey! I can't wait to see your summer plans. You've made pants, you can definitely make jeans. =)


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