21 April 2013

Jeans #9 (Part 7 - belt loops)

Hmm...no intro here.  Let's just get to it. =)

Belt Loops (29 minutes)
1.  The belt loops raveled something awful the first time around, so now I always finish the edges.
2.  Fold one long edge to the inside and press.  Fold the remaining long edge on top of the first and press.

3.  Using the blindhem foot, topstitch each long edge.

4.  Cut each 12-inch strip into three 4-inch pieces.  Pin each belt loop to the jeans front & back, right sides together.  I use the recommended placements provided by the instructions.  At each place, I make sure that the folded edge of the belt loop faces outward.

The instructions say to stitch 3/8" from the edge and then again at 3/4" from the edge. I think 3/4" is too big, so I use 5/8" instead.

I've attached the waistband and need to topstitch it in place.  I have to take a small break from the jeans for a moment to do some end-of-semester stuff and make another quick project.  I'll share the details about that soon.  I'd like to wear my jeans on Friday and have the quick project sewn before Wednesday.  

Until next time, peace!



  1. Love the loops ... jeans are looking great ... J

  2. It's no fun when you learn lessons about how to finish belt loops the hard way - but you got there in the end! The jeans look great - I'm amazed you can do so much sewing while studying too. I guess it's a great distraction :-)

  3. Wow, your jeans are really looking great! Can't wait to see them all stitched up!

  4. Thanks for the tip on finishing the belt loops. I am still working on my darn jeans, so keep the info coming. With all of the great information you're providing, I'll definitely have to give you your credit when I finally finish and post.


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