27 May 2013

Jeans #9 (Part 9 - Buttonhole/Hem)

Jeans #9 are finally finished!

Buttonhole (11 minutes)
My machine makes buttonholes automatically, so this part is not complicated.  I have a button about the size of the jeans tack that I use to size the buttonhole.  I use regular thread in both the needle and bobbin.  After the hole is cut open, I seal the edges with Fray Check and zigzag the opening closed a tiny bit to prevent stretching.

Belt loops & Hem (60 minutes)
Adding the belt loops takes but a few minutes.  Once the top edge of the belt loop is turned under, topstitch in place close to the edge and then again 1/4" away  .

This part is not difficult.  The bottom edge of the jeans are serged and pressed up 1/2" and then another 1/2".  I included two lines of topstitching to finish it off.

Time recap:

1.  prep - 33 minutes
2.  back pockets - 91 minutes
3.  back - 30 minutes
4.  front pockets - 61 minutes

5.  fly - 87 minutes 
6.  in/outseams - 80 minutes
7.   belt loops - 29 minutes
8.  waistband - 125 minutes
9.  buttonhole/belt loops/hem - 71 minutes

Total time:  10 hours, 7 minutes

Under normal (whatever that means) sewing circumstances, I would have completed these weeks ago.  But life and raccoons happen.  Whatareyagonnado?

In timing my sewing of this garment, I learned that even the simplest task can take more time than I imagined.  I don't think I'll make accurately monitoring my sewing time a regular thing, but it is nice to know how much time sewing something actually takes.

Thanks to all who followed along!  I hope this was helpful.

Until next time, peace!



  1. Wow! Thanks so much for detailing the process.

    I don't think I really thought through all the parts of making jeans... And, I'm super slow - I'm wondering how long it will take me to make a pair, but nonetheless, I'm so geeked up to try it.

  2. Hi L, yes sewing does take heaps of time - because of all those interruptions of real life - every time you stop to do life, you've got to start again - forgetting where you were up to, pulling things out again and dealing with the wild life!

    I always underestimate this process :)


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