06 June 2013

Jalie 2680 Completed and Off to Wadderville

It's not the pattern.  It's not the lining/underlining.  Just the fit, ma'am.  Just the fit.  I made a muslin a year (or two) ago and tried it on.  I thought it looked pretty good, but the finished product says otherwise.

It is as bad as it looks.  I didn't need the extra width in the front and I could loose some width across the back.  Sure I could fix it, but that would require undoing all of the topstitching and taking in each seam.  I'd rather start over from scratch.  So it's off to Wadderville for this coat.  Maybe someone can use it as a duster or something.

I finished the facings with bias tape and everything.  Awww...

 Oh well.  On to the next project.



  1. OUCH! Lesson learned... :-/

    It's time for a nice easy, peasy booster project! :)

  2. So sorry about your jacket, but you did an awesome job with the top stitching and bias trim.

  3. but the bias tape looks so good!
    awwwww.....i know what it's like.

  4. What a shame - it looks so great. Perhaps you have a larger friend who could use it. You did a great job sewing it.

  5. Say it ain't so! It looks rad!

  6. I love it and the lining is so cool. WHat a disappointment for you! Why not give it to a friend or sell it on Ebay...


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