16 July 2013

NL6124: Progress Part 2

Taking the time to baste the dress together was definitely the right thing to do.  I now have an idea of how the pattern fits in a knit.

It's too big.  Plus, I see that my attempt at lowering the scooped neckline appears to have made it a curved v-neck.  The bust and back fit very well, so I think taking bigger seam allowances in a few places should make it work. 

I picked apart all of the basting and began sewing the skirt side seams.  Unfortunately I think I took off too much width on the side.  Instead, I should have balanced the amount removed between the side and front/back princess seams.  Oops.  Hopefully this won't turn out to be another wadder.  If it does, I'll try to salvage as much as possible and start over.  

What should I do about the neckline and armholes?  My two options are (1) to bind and (2) fold under and coverstitch.  If I bind the neckline and armholes in black, will that make the dress to sporty?  If I coverstitch the neckline and armholes, will the topstitching make it look sporty as well?  I'd make sure the thread coordinates with the fabric. 

Hmm...now I'm wondering if I should attempt to color-block the shoulder/neckline area.  Yeesh.  I need to decide something soon.  The events are three weeks away and I haven't even started on the other dress!



  1. L, it's coming along well... Keep at it. I love the curved seamlines!

    I think the neck can be lowered and slightly widened a bit.

  2. Im Feeling A Lil Deeper, Slightly Wider "U" Neckline Will Be NicE... :) And Maybe All Black Cap Sleeves? Or If U Go Sleeveless, Line It So You Won't Have To Worry RE Sportiness Style? That's Just What I'd Do.. Look Fwd To See How U Proceed :)

  3. I wouldn't sweat the seam finishes on the neck and arms too much, you're jewelry and shoes will make more of a statement about "casual" vs. "cocktail". Coming along great, keep up the motivation!

  4. The colour blocking is a really good look on your waist. :-)

  5. I'd lower the neckline a bit,use black piping around neckline and armholes. I love the color blocking effect.

  6. This is beautiful on you. I would deepen the neckline a bit and use narrow binding, which wouldn't make it sporty. Agree with Kristine though that your accessories will define sporty and formal more than the neckline finishing.

  7. I hope you can save the size as the dress is looking spectacular. Love the fresh sharp look of it. I would go against the above advice and fold under keeping it sharp.

  8. Yes, I'd use black around the neck as well - and I don't think the dress will look sporty at all- Why don't you place a bit of black binding around the neck to see what it looks like? Be careful taking out of the neck - it's easy to take out too much and not be able to wear it.

    I would finish the dress as is and move on to the next - that way you will have one. Add a nice necklace and you are done. Sometimes we tend to agonise a bit too much over what to do and get caught in a anxiety loop :)

  9. The dress is looking good. Lower and widen the neckline by 1-2 inches. Add thin black binding around the neckline and sleeve.

  10. The dress is so figure flattering on you. As for the neckline and armhole, bias binding and flip to the inside and stitch.


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