22 August 2013

Indygo Junction 740: Pattern Errors

This pattern has many errors.  Although it's cute and has interesting views, at $12 it should be proofed much more carefully.  So before I talk about how I made the lining pieces, I'll discuss the errors and my corrections.

Notches are either missing or mismatched.  Most of the missing notches don't pose significant problems in constructing the coat.  I just added notches where I thought they were needed.

The sleeve is missing a notch that helps to distinguish front from back.  With the pattern face up, add an additional notch on the left side.  This will be the back of the armhole.  This correction appears on Indygo Junction's website.

Front & Back Armhole 
Both bodice pieces are missing notches in the armhole.  I didn't view this as a big problem since I know that a sleeve is eased above the notches and not eased below the notches.  As long as the sleeve and bodice match at the shoulder seam/dot and underarm seams, setting it in should pose no problems.  I didn't mark additional notches on my muslin and didn't have an issues putting in the sleeves.

Back Facing 
The shoulder seam on the back facing is too long and thus doesn't match the front facing shoulder seam.  To correct this, I just pinned the pieces together and trimmed off the excess.  One PR member said that she took off a full inch.  I didn't take off this much in my case.

Lower Bands/Sleeve Bands 
The pieces that aren't cut on the fold don't have grainlines.  The pieces have one straight edge and one angled edge.  I used the straight edge as my grainline.

Seam Lengths 
Another PR member said that some of the seam lengths don't match.  I didn't see this in my muslin, but I do remember reading this in a Threads magazine review of this pattern.  The mismatched seams might occur later in the construction process and I don't know about it yet.

I don't know what to make of the sizing.  The difference between sizes isn't consistent through the pattern.  In the bodice the difference is about 1/8", but on the lower bands it can be 1/2".  If you want to make this coat, I definitely recommend doing a muslin.

The collar was so much more involved, I wrote a separate post about it and will share it next.

Until next time, peace!



  1. Wow that is a lot of issues for a $12 pattern. I hope all goes well and looking forward to see the finish product.

  2. Indygo Junction should send you $12!
    thanks for listing the errors...


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