29 August 2013

Kasha Called and I Answered

I am a lining snob.  There.  I said it and I own it.  I have to use Bemberg, Kasha, silk, cotton, or silk/cotton. 

I bought some cheap polyester lining to see how I would like it in my coat.  It took all of ten seconds for me to realize that polyester was not happening.  It was hot, sticky, and full of static.  Um....nerp. 

Besides, I bought the Kasha lining specifically for this coat.  There is no need to be afraid to use it.  Deepika (from PR) once told me, "There will always be more fabric.  It is time we must preserve."  Agreed.  I cut the Kasha today and will post another update soon.



  1. Lol1 Love the blog title! ;) I can't handle most polyester too.

  2. Deepika is a wise woman!!!
    (Sorry, every time you write about static, I just think, "Bzzt!")

  3. Girl, I'm right with you. I'm a lining snob and not ashame to own it. LOL!!


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