16 October 2013

Wasted Away in Margawadderville (Jalie 2805)

Can I just say that I hate that song?  Not because of the song itself, but because the radio at the pottery studio is set to a station that plays it EVERY DAY.  I am not joking or exaggerating.  It must mean something special to the DJ. 


I was on a roll this weekend.  After finishing my polka-dot top, I started working on a knit top and finished a UFO from 2000 something.  Maybe 2011.

The skirt is New Look 6274 and it's made out of a stretch cotton bottom-weight.  I bought the fabric at Sawyerbrook during a visit to Boston in 2011.  There's nothing new or different with the construction.  I lined it, used an invisible zipper, and faced the waist with petersham.  

The top is Jalie 2805 and I used a Sophia double knit purchased recently from Vogue Fabrics at the American Sewing Expo. In theory, the outfit looks pretty good, right?  Even the v-neck is nearly perfect.

Unfortunately, this outfit only looks good on the dress from or on a hanger.  The top has MANY problems on my body - mainly stemming from being too damn tight.  

Ugh.  Where do I even begin?

I didn't make a muslin because I've made this pattern before.  I didn't use a Sophia knit the first time, though, and I think that's where the problem starts.  

Sausage anyone?  The sleeves aren't uncomfortable, but you can see that they are tight and all kinds of wrong.

I don't know how I missed the swayback adjustment because I need it in the worst way.  Look at how the back is pulling near the underarm seam.  The front is too short because I obviously need an FBA.  

There is so much FAIL in this one, I think I deserve a prize.  Hmm.  Margaritas sound good right now.

I'll definitely try it again, but after I make some necessary changes.  For now, I want to finish a different knit top and start working on my...wait for it...denim motorcycle jacket. So.  Many.  Zippers. 



  1. Gosh don't you just hate it when that happens! I say get a Margarita and take a break!

    1. I thought about you when assessing the fit on the front. I thought to myself, Rachelle would immediately say, "You need a bust dart!" You know I hate bust darts in knits. I really, really do. But I might have to give in this time if I want this pattern to work.

  2. It's always a downer when this happens - and always it happens when we are fully confident things will be okay. I guess you could wear it as an undergarment on chilly nights.

    I hope the zippers are kind to you...

    1. I was a little disappointed. But, I learned something about this pattern and the types of knits to use with it. Making it again in a Sophia knit will definitely require substantial alterations. Live and learn!

      I'll likely donate this version, though. I don't want to wear it around the house as a reminder of the massive fail. =)

  3. Denim motorcycle jacket?! Bring it on!
    That V *is* perfect!
    Too bad it doesn't fit you!! My Renfrew is made out of sophia or ponte and it has a lot of similiar issues. Jennifer Stern's analysis of my shirt was that it needs to be made from a stretchier fabric, which I plan on trying....sometime!!!

    1. LOL. We'll see. I've got a vision of how it will look. Whether that vision turns into reality is different story! It might be Margawadderville all over again. =)

      I made this Jalie top a few times before and didn't have this problem. I think using a cotton lycra will work much better the next time - along with the adjustments I need.

  4. I'm learning the meaning of that word "muslin" as well lol! love the color combination of your outfit, you did a great job as far as working with knit which is something I haven't been brave enough to work with yet lol

  5. It does look fantastic on the hanger and that V is too too good (how is it done!!) Shame that you don't feel good in it. I had a similar problem when making a top that I had made before with a different knit fabric. Give it to someone who will fit it better as it really is lovely.

  6. Lynne I thought I was the only one who HATED bust darts or any darts for that matter in knits. They just don't press well - that's what I hate! Your skirt is beautiful!

  7. Love the skirt! It doesn't look like a wadder at all. It is always such a downer to make something out of a beautiful fabric that doesn't work. Guess you could consider it your muslin. Your V is definitely an inspiration!

  8. What a beautiful color! But oh no! about the fit..

    What if you wear it under a jacket for winter? Can you add a slot seam on the sleeves and side seams?


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