10 November 2013

From the Studio

I throw as much as I sew - some weeks even more.  Here are some photos of what I've made recently.  Unless otherwise specified, all pieces were fired cone 6 (temp ~2200 deg F).

 10" desk lamp
raku fired
glaze:  white crackle

 lidded jar
glaze:  zincless clear

 soap and lotion dispensers
left glaze: waterfall brown over spotted cream
right glaze:  rutile green

top left glaze:  white crackle (raku-fired)
top right glaze:  copper matte (raku-fired)
center:  waterfall brown over spotted cream

lots of dishwear
 tea mugs
glaze:  waterfall brown over spotted cream

 tea mug
glaze:  waterfall brown over green celadon

 functional tea pot
glaze:  waterfall brown over spotted cream

 one of four salad plates
glaze:  waterfall brown over raw sienna

I'm still working on my dish set.  I have a complete set, but they're not glazed because I can't decide what to colors to use on the plates and bowls.  Many people at the studio loved the glaze combo above.  It's a little dark for me, but I do like it.  I REALLY like the waterfall brown-green celadon combo.  It has such pretty colors and runs beautifully.

Currently I'm working on replacing a couple of the salad plates; the ones I have now are a bit heavy.  I also have a two more lamps in the works as well as three more soap dispensers.  One of the lamps in the works was thrown in three pieces.  It is HUGE.  Well, huge for me.  It stands about 16 inches.  I really hope it survives the bisque firing.  I put all kinds of texture on it so the glaze has a place to run and break.  I don't want to get too excited about it, though.  I don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't survive the first firing.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On the sewing front, the mystery project is almost finished.  I'm still working on the moto jacket and with SUPER HUGE GINORMOUS thanks to Kyle, I should be resuming work on that soon!



  1. Wow you throw girl! :)
    I'm impressed at your output!! truly!
    I hope the zips work out!!!

    1. LOL @ "You throw girl!" Yes, this will be the title of my pottery blog. =)

      The zips are going to work out, fo' sho'! I'm going to make them work out. =)

  2. p.s. I can't wait to see the finished 'mystery project'!!!

  3. Great pottery!
    You gotta love friends like Kyle!


    1. Thanks Brenda! Indeed, Kyle is a sweetie!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your finished moto jacket and that is some nice work.

  5. Oh my gosh L! I didn't know you 'threw' too! I love pottery. Love it! You have made some beautiful things!

  6. something I have always wanted to try, you are very artistic.

  7. How great are those. Love them all but the clear white lidded jar is absolutely gorgeous. So pure. You are indeed talented.

  8. Lovely creations,L!!!

    The white lamp and white lidded jar are my fav.s :)

  9. WOW! This is truly awesome, I absolutely love the soap and lotion dispensers!

  10. Brings new meaning to, "You throw like a girl"! You have amazing talent, Lynn!!!

  11. I am so impressed! You are truly an artist.

  12. What absolutely beautiful pottery - everything is superb. It is not easy learning to throw and turn. The glazes are gorgeous. I love the soap dispensers.

  13. These are really beautiful. I will keep an eye out for your pottery blog.


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