24 November 2013

YSG: Ramblings

Let's just get to it...

1.  I WANT that damn McCall's 6844 pattern but I refuse to submit to Joann's new 5 for $7 pricing scheme. Come on BMV...make mama proud.
2.  I have an uncle in the Philippines.  He's okay.
3.  Two things I cannot resist touching:  dogs and areas marked "Wet Paint".  
4.  The wet paint thing is serious, y'all.  It's like a moth to a flame - I've only been "burned" once.  
5.  Scandal, you have been replaced.  Breaking Bad is THE 'ISH. 
6.  No more Mazda.
7.  Having the dog lick the kitchen floor is not the same as mopping it.
8.  The semester is almost over.
9.  My students think I will miss them.
10. I will not.
11.  They don't believe me.
12.  They really should.
13.  Kyle is the best!
14.  A major freeway in the D will be closed for a year.
15. Words fail me.
16.  My crazy jeans passed the skate test.
17.  My students complained of not being able to hear me over my jeans.  Hah!  Too funny.
18.  I have a big decision to make soon and it's stressing me out.  A lot.
19.  A whole lot.
20.  I hope I get to sew a bit today.  We'll see.

What's on your minds this Sunday morning?




  1. Try not to stress! Booo to stress!

    I'm glad your jeans were a hit! :-)

    I'm on the final few episodes of Breaking Bad. I don't want it to ennnnnndddddd!

    I'm headed down to the cave soon. So many things, so little time :)

    1. Breaking Bad is deep and dark and kinda funny too.

  2. I must admit - I don't see what's so bad about 5 patterns for $7. Do you have to buy 5 at a time? 'Cause I could certainly do that!
    But then again, I'm up here in Canada, where we're to consider ourselves lucky to get patterns at 50% off the (Canadian) envelope price. And Fabricland (the only major chain where I am) is not even carrying Simplicity/New Look/Burda at all anymore. :(

    1. Aaah. Perspective! I have been so spoiled by the $0.99 pattern sales that I forget others pay far more for one than what I would pay for five. JoAnn's prices keep going up every few months, it seems, and I was stubbornly resisting the change! I can certainly pay an extra $0.50 for a pattern that I want.

  3. I didn't realize you're a cool teacher who wears jeans in the classroom!! I loved the reaction of your students. :)
    Hee that I made your list! :)

  4. 5 patterns for $7 SERIOUSLY !!! Here in the UK one McCalls pattern cost £8.25, thats $13.33 to you. Love 6844, and comment no 17.

    1. I know! Waaaah...baby wants cheap patterns! We are fortunate to have access to good pattern sales in the US. I won't complain anymore. =)

  5. What's on my mind - "ARGHH" don't get me started - sewing keeps me sane sometimes :)

    1. IKR. I've said 'argh' more than enough times this week.


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