15 January 2014

Knit Layering Tops (complete)

I've had this little slinky knit tee for at least 10 years and could no longer deny the fact the top needed replacing.

Originally I was going to make multiple copies of a tank top pattern that I've made in the past:  Jalie 965.  But the first version ended up fitting very poorly.  It was everything that could possibly be wrong with a tank top and rather than continue to fool with that mess, I just cut apart the old slinky knit tank and made a pattern from that.  I used the neckband and armhole pattern pieces from Jalie 965 since the measurements were pretty close to the RTW top.

left (from top to bottom):  cotton striped knit, lime green, taupe, white, grey, pink cotton knit, red
right (top to bottom):  coral pink rayon, bright blue rayon

Of the 10 tops that I made, 8 were based on the RTW top and two were from Simplicity 1945 - a pattern that I made twice before.  Only 9 of the 10 total tops are wearable.  I had problems attaching the neckband on the tenth top and the neckline stretched horribly out of shape by the third attempt.

I used 11 yards of various lightweight rayon and cotton knits.  I've had this fabric in my stash for almost three years and bought it during one of Fabric.com's huge knit sales.  I was really excited about the fabric until I got it in the mail.  Some of it was off grain, too light in weight and had little recovery since it was made of 100% rayon (no Lycra).  Even though I was disappointed, I didn't return the fabric since I knew it would still fill a void in my closet.

Notions/Machine Setup
I sewed the majority of these tops on my serger.  I fused steam-a-seam to all hems and then coverstitched them in place.

Sizing & Alterations
The only thing I did was add two inches to the hem since I wanted my tops to hang a little big longer. 

Though these aren't quite like my old and faithful slinky tank, I'll certainly wear these under other garments.  They're good little tanks and light enough to not be too bulky - perfect for layering!  

Up next:  I've been working on what I'm calling my KLM Royal Dutch Airlines jacket.
Soooooooo blue.  The color actually isn't this bright.  It's more like blue on the handle of the standard-sized seam ripper.  But still.  Welcome to KLM flight number...

I've made much more progress than what's shown here.  The sleeves are in and the under collar is attached.  I need to cut out the lining, attach the front facing, and attach the upper collar.  Hopefully I'll get to work on that this weekend.

Until next time, peace!



  1. Wow, 10 tops in a row, that's productive. And I'll tell my friend who works with KLM that one day she might have a colleague/passenger with a very similar, yet different jacket ;)

    1. LOL I know a lot about flying so if there's ever an emergency, I can help out. =) Every time I look at the jacket, I can't help but think of KLM!

  2. Pushing out a load of simple tops is really gratifying, isn't it? :-)

    1. Indeed! I must say that after I was finished, I didn't want to touch another knit for a LONG time. =)

  3. I know what you mean about having light pieces for layering--really helpful to have in the wardrobe. Good job cranking 'em out and stashbusting too.

    1. Thanks Kyle! These are very helpful to have as part of the wardrobe.

  4. wow! you go girl! I'm trying to get on a good sewing roll today , so far I haven't rolled towards the sewng room lol!

    1. Come on Helen! Let's get those needles moving. =)

  5. Wow 10 tops, good job girl. I haven't been productive sewing wise this month as my 9-5 job is so demanding these days. Loving your jacket ma'am

  6. 10 tops? I need you at my house! I was just telling the hubby I needed more tops for the winter...that's a great idea, just make a few tees for layering! I don't know about 10 in a row...unless you promise to come over and help, LOL! That jacket color is beautiful! Progress is looking goo"

  7. I meant "good!" Gosh, someone can't type!

  8. YOWZA!!!!! Stashbusting knit top mania! :) All cute, all useful, nicely done.

    Now, what jacket pattern are you using for the KLM special? I have looked and re-looked at my jacket patterns and cannot decide on what my first lined jacket should be. I want not to complicated and not to "suit jacket-y". I'm so demanding...


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