16 March 2014

Next Project: Trench Coat

Apparently I can't stay away from time-consuming and challenging sewing projects for too long!  I've been eying a trench coat for weeks and now that I have the fabric, game is on.

My first thought was to use a red stretch cotton sateen, but since acquiring a REALLY NICE navy cotton twill, I am thinking about using it instead.  I bought three yards of the twill with the intention of making a jacket and pencil skirt.  But I can't shake the idea of using it for the trench coat.  Hmmmmm....maybe I should make two trench coats...

I was also concerned about topstitching the stretch fabric and what type of interfacing to use.  I made a skirt out of stretch cotton sateen, but...uh...that's not a coat. =)  

In the meantime, I made a couple of pattern alterations and a muslin of McCall's 5525.  So far, things look pretty good.  I'll detail the changes I made in the next post.

It's not too late to join the Trench Coat Sew Along.

Until next time, peace!



  1. Two trench coats...you weren't even playin' were you? You are well on your way I see. Great fabric choices too. I sure would have a hard time deciding! I'm sure whichever you decide will be FAB! I'm probably going to wish I had participated. Sew On!!!

    1. I dream more than I sew. LOL In my mind, my trench coats are finished and fabulous. In reality...um...

      I am still ogling your green lace trench with the back flounce. Drooooooool


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