26 August 2014

Today's Randomness

1.  I still haven't finished the New Look blouse.  All I need to do is make the buttonholes. 
2.  I started another Jalie 2559 jacket.  I'm almost finished.
3.  Stupid buttonholes.
4.  Summer in Michigan finally decided to show up. 
5.  Just in time for Fall.
6.  Some farmer's almanac is predicting another harsh winter.
7.  I still won't move to Florida or California.
8.  Too much rain.  Not enough rain.
9.  Polar vortex it is.
10.  Throwing plates on the wheel relaxes me.  
11.  This is my last full week of freedom.
12.  Buttonholes!
13.  Taking a dog to the vet is like taking a car to the mechanic:  the problem you noticed instantly disappears once you get there.
14.  Still had to pay for the appointment.  Grr.
15.  Change is coming.
16.  I bought more fabric.  Mmm...therapy.
17.  I always give a quiz on the first day.
18.  I suppose I should write it.
19.  42 days until the end of the semester.
20.  Yup.  That excited.
21.  I haven't touched my trench coat since I started the now-defunct Trench Coat Sew Along back in...what...March?
22.  And finally, to sum up how the last two weeks have gone:

I took this from my car on Gratiot (sounds like gra-shit) in Downtown Detroit.  Words fail me, yet I totally get it.  I think.



  1. I heart randomness.

    Poor defunct trench coat...Gosh I have the most possible fall plans. THE MOST POSSIBLE. I cannot wait to see your jacket, you're so good at it.

    I want to learn pottery! wahhhhh!!

    It was 55 degrees when I left home this morning. Tundra life. But like you; I'm probably staying firmly planted in the midwest. Maybe mid-south later? Eh...maybe...

    1. Aww. Thanks Nakisha. =)

      The south is not for me. I don't mind visiting, but moving there? Mmm...no.

  2. What do you teach?
    I liked your randomness. :)

  3. I can beat you on the trench coat. how about 90% finished coat in the wardrobe for 4 years!

    1. Wait, wait. I have a Burda jacket that I started as part of a class in 2005. All I need to do is hand-stitch the lining sleeve cap to the lining armhole. That. Is. All. I can't bring myself to do it because I hate the jacket, though I won't get rid of it.

  4. Don't feel bad; I haven't touched my trench coat since the sewalong, either. And all I have left to do is to attach the lining at the jacket/sleeve hems (of course, that means hand-sewing, and I HATE hand-sewing), and do the button holes and buttons. Although, upon reading that last sentence, I think I understand why it's stood untouched for ~6 months.

    Call me nuts, but I prefer Seattle's weather to SoCal's. I'll happily take a few months of morning showers and "real" seasons to the summer-long heatwaves and drought in SoCal.

    1. LOL. I am stalled at cutting out the back lining. Also, I noticed a potential problem with the facing length and I am dreading having to deal with that. Plus there are eleven or so buttonholes to make and y'all know how I feel about buttonholes. =)

  5. LOL! Fascinated by the change is coming.

  6. I was in a Fall mood but it's so hot I'm losing it lol! maybe what we need is a good challenge to make us do something lol!

    1. Good point, Nanna. Hmm... I suck at running sew-alongs. Oh Faaaayyyyye...

  7. I think the signs are saying "Don't get distracted. Don't go off course. Just keep going!"
    You are SO LUCKY to have the summer off. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the summer off.
    Ha ha for a quiz on the first day. I give quizzes at the end of some of the classes I teach. I usually say something like "this is a fun quiz. It might be more fun for me than it is for you."

    1. I like your interpretation of the sign. I seem to have a more pessimistic view right now. Ever since you said that, I've been trying to look at things this way. Many, many thanks!

      OMGosh, I am so not motivated right now. Usually, I send out a 'welcome back' email and have everything ready to start. That has not happened and I have 24 hours left.

  8. May this change be the one that brings a large dose of happiness!

    Another polar vortex? Really? Can we zoom past winter and get to spring?

    1. I certainly hope so. I am worried, though.

      Yah, folks are saying that this winter is going to be just as bad or even worse than last year. Mother Nature is pissed.

  9. I have had material in my stash for a trench coat for four years now. Only got as far as thinking about it. Don't even ask how many trench coat patterns I have....

    1. Hah. I have so many trench coat patterns, I could probably open up a trench coat pattern company. =)

  10. Love the signs - what can you say. Beats the old aperto means cuoso, so often found in Italy. That's straightforward - I mean, everyone knows open means closed. But these signs take the cake. Postmodernism gone mad, perhaps, where even a road sign is just relative to , what??

    Envy you your last week of freedom, and will empathize with you next week. Yes, a good bad temper quiz sounds a fair deal!

    PS. Nothing like a trip to the vet to cure anything!

    1. On the day that I spotted the signs, I was having a moment and they summed up all the thoughts going through my mind.

      Most students are not happy with the first day quiz, but it sets the tone and that's what I like. Additionally, it gives me (and them) an idea of where students are skill-wise as they enter the class and what topics need to be reviewed to proceed.

      Nothing like a trip to cure anything! I feel another fantastic voyage coming on. =)


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