18 September 2014

Blog Hop Part II & Why I Always Pre-wash Fabric

As part of the Around the World Blog Hop, participants are to invite two bloggers to join.  I admire so many sewers that blog, it was hard to select only two!  I've been blogging since 2007 and thought about the first few people I met back then:
Michelle of happilycaffeinated.  Although Michelle and I have never met in person, we connect!  She was one of the first people I followed on PR and whose reviews and comments I read frequently.  In addition to being a talented sewer, she is super sweet, helpful, and cheerful.  Perhaps we will meet someday!

Rachelle of Smoking Needles.  I've had the pleasure of connecting with Rachelle a few times when she would drive an hour to meet up with our local sewing group.  She's a real treat to be around and a very talented fitter and sewer.  Have you seen her Barbie collection?  Oh. Em. Gee.

Look for their posts soon!


This picture shows why I always pre-wash fabric:

Do you see this foolishness?!  This is from a red stretch cotton poplin found in the stash.  I really wanted a red shirt, but saving the fabric wasn't worth the hassle of dealing with all of the run off.  My hands were stained from handling this wet mess.  I threw it in the trash bag that, of course, had a hole that I didn't know existed.  Imagine my surprise when I walked back into the laundry room. 

Lesson of the day:  pre-wash all fabric and check the water before your wash cycle starts!



  1. Yes, I've learnt this lesson too - just had a similar experience with a striped fabric. And when you wear this sort of dye bleed stuff, it ends up ruining underclothes, as the dye comes off. Well trashed. Off to meet your blog hop nominees now (glad it wasn't me :)!!)

  2. See! It's not worth skipping!

    As I talk to sewers newer than myself, I BEG them up prewash their fabric. I did it ONCE and luckily it was just a kimono tee; but I didn't prewash and yep, crappy fabric. Better to ruin yardage than a garment.

    On to the next piece of fabric!

    1. Oh and those two are already in my blog roll! Great choices!

  3. I'll never forget the time I prewashed some Denim that I was going to make into jeans and discovered that it had developed small holes all over the fabric. I can only imagine how I would have felt if that had happened after I'd made the jeans! The first rule of sewing should be 'Always prewash your fabric'!!!

  4. Thanks for reconfirming the need for my prewash routine ~ I often wonder if it really does make a difference or not ... now I know ... off to check out your Blog Hop candidates ... J

  5. the blog hop sounds fun, pre washing is one of those to be or not to be things lol never knowing whether I should or should not, I've often found that some of my faabrics shrink causing it not to be wideenough when i am making pillowcases so when in doubt I sew & wash in cold water & there are times I pre wash for other things, it's just a battle of the minnds lol!

  6. This just reaffirmed the fact that pre-washing is so important. I pre-washed a large amount of fabric today and have lots more to go to start working on my fall sewing. Thanks for the reminder that it's not in vain...lol.

  7. There was a time that the thought of NOT pre-treating was crazy. Then I got lazy until I made a beautiful silk blouse that I thought to myself, I would just always send to the dry cleaners. That did not last, and I forgot and washed it at home. Lo and behold, it totally distorted the neckline...aaagh!!! I am so bummed at the outcome. Now I am back to my old self... prewash, pretreat and pre-whatever..Just get it right before you spend all that precious time sewing.

    The blog tour is a really neat idea. Way to go.


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