28 March 2015

Today's Miscellany

1.  I finally finished.
2.  No, not the Simplicity jacket.
3.  Or the post on how to skinnify Jalie 2908.
4.  I finished counting my fabric, save for a few pieces on the in-progress shelf.
5.  One thousand two hundred (1200+) yards.
6.  And then some.
7.  Don't judge.
8.  A lot of it was retail therapy.
9.  So that counts as a plus, right?
10. I have no regrets, though I do have moments of WTF.
11.  It's all good.
12.  Progress is slow on the jacket due to work and fatigue.
13.  I just cut out the lining today.
14.  I am still pressing on with my starting from scratch wardrobe plan.
15.  But I want to sew dresses and summer stuff.
16.  I have a wedding to go to in two weeks.  I have nothing to wear.  Oops.
17.  I made four desk lamps at the pottery studio.
18.  Two of them are going to be really, really tiny though.
19.  Shrinkage.
20.  I saw the chunkiest robin today. 
21.  Spring is my favorite season.
22.  Big decisions to make real soon.
23.  I'm nervously calm.  
24.  That doesn't make sense.
25.  I'm going to try Instagram.
26.  I still need a new computer.  Hah.  Going on two years now.
27.  Flying is still remarkably safe.  I don't mean to be insensitive; I love someone with mental illness.
28.  Scandal has crossed into the "this is stupid" zone for me.
29.  Anxiously awaiting bike season.
30.  Just wanted to round out the list at 30. =)


  1. You will like Instagram. It's great for recording a moment that you don't want to spend time blogging about. Good luck with your new decisions and how about I have a new computer that's still sitting in the box because I don't want to transfer all my stuff over...*sigh*

    1. I recently met with Kristine (hey girl!) and she showed me how Instagram works; I think I'll like it. Thank you for the good luck! Big decisions = much fear. Gotta get through that part. My PC is so old it takes a good 30-45 minutes to "warm up." It was time to let it go about five years ago. LOL

  2. Wow for actually measuring and recording all that fabric. That is something!!
    Spring is my favorite season too!

    1. Something crazy. =) I started to wash and hang everything up to air-dry, but that got old quick. LOL At least I have a record of what I have so that I don't keep buying the same thing over and over. Like how many yards of navy blue twill do I *really* need? Sigh.

  3. My laptop has been knocking on death's door for two years now. I refuse to let it die because I don't want to be bothered with Windows 8.

    You should definitely try instagram. It's fun and I do find it inspiring.

    Also, I'm with you on Scandal. It has always bordered on ridiculous, but now WTF. I stopped watching 3 episodes ago.

    1. Windows 8 is evil. I need to jump on this computer right quick before windows 7 goes dark.

      Oh man. Scandal lost me this (and most of last) season. All this for a side piece? Please. I tried watching one episode THREE times and kept falling asleep. When I finally managed to stay awake through the whole thing, I could not help but think this is so stupid. Thanks Shonda, but girl bye.

  4. I can't believe you did it!! It had to be awesome to actually touch everything. What a great undertaking! Ahhhh.

    I've found myself tuning out th last couple episodes; hopefully it comes back.

    Good luck and best wishes with whatever life changes are in store!!

    And YESSSS! Come join IG! I avoided it for a long time and finally signed up last year for MMM. I love it!

    1. Haha, yup I did it. It was nice to be reminded of what I have. It's also help renew my pledge of not buying any more fabric this year...well...from April on. LOL

      I gotta get the IG thing together. Do I need lots of space on my phone or can I do this on the computer?

  5. I am most impressed by that fabric count - maybe I should count mine so we can compare notes.

    I wonder what your changes will be - sometimes we get restive before changes, that's what I find - I wonder if that's what you mean by nervously calm?

    1. I am most distressed by that fabric count! LOL Really quite a bit was retail therapy. Remember, sad face + credit card = lots of fabric

      I'll email you. =) I am cautious, but proceeding anyway. I think that's what I mean. Maybe. =)

  6. Judge? Who me ;) no way.
    I am too much of a techno dinosaur to even try instagram. There are enough internet things that take my time already. Good luck with all your plans, I hope everything turns out well.

    1. Tee-hee. ;)

      I'm a techno dinosaur right with you and I have a minor in computer science. Go figure. I still listen to cassette tapes and have a discman, so there's that. =)

  7. Sounds nice to be able to make time to cuddle with your fabric stash! Not judging at all. I need a new computer too! I don't think the phrase nervously calm is an oxymoron at all cause I understand it.

    1. Mmmm...to cuddle the fabric would keep me warm on the coldest of cold days.

      We really need to jump on this computer thing!

  8. Don't tell me Scandal has crossed into stupid. Still catching up on season 3!

    Having a great stash is a money saver as you don't NEED to buy fabric to make something..... Of course want is a different thing.

    1. Awww...sorry to break the news. =) Season 4 is full of all kinds of WTFery. It's trying to hard to be relevant.

      Right, I definitely don't need any more fabric. I didn't even count muslin fabric or lining. Want...yes...want...

  9. Counting fabric lengths seems to renew all the feelings of grander for me. I hope it did inspire you to a plan of action.

    Scandal, really never did it for me-- am I then only one who never really liked that show?

    1. Looking at each piece definitely inspired me to get to sewing. Why hoard all of this stuff if it's not getting used? There will always be more fabric.

      I wasn't into Scandal when it first came out. A friend talked it up so much, I started watching it on Netflix. The first two seasons were the shiz, but the last two have left me wondering how this is still a thing.

  10. Oh my your are game, I don't think I want to count my fabric, there would be far too much WTF! Looking forward to see how I skinny Jalie 2908 as I've got some great cotton sateen that I think might work for some funky winter pants.

    1. LOL. There definitely was way more WTF than I realized. =) I took some pictures of the pattern and will post soon. I thought I wrote down what I did, but I can't find it. Oops. =)

    2. Oh and congrats on your jeans win!!

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