04 April 2015

Skinnifying Jalie 2908


I finished the second pair of skinnified Jalie 2908 two weeks ago.  I am a sedated turtle at blogging, I know.  Anyway, the jeans passed the roller skating test, so they're good to go. No seams popped and they didn't feel too tight with all of the movement.  

The first pair was finished sometime last fall.
Honestly, I don't know if these quite qualify as "skinny jeans."  There is still a bit of bagginess around the ankle and kness and they're not skin-tight.

Anyway, removing the flare from the pattern wasn't difficult at all.  Some time ago, Faye posted a link to Nick Verreos' video on how to convert boot cut jeans to skinny jeans.  He suggests making an adjustment to the inseam only.  I didn't like this because I thought it might cause an imbalance in the hang of the hem.  So while I used his idea as a starting point, ultimately I did my own thing at the end.

Using the pattern pieces from a pair of BWOF skinny jeans I made over a year ago, I measured the front and back hem for my base.  

On the front pattern piece, I subtracted 1.5" (3.8 cm) from both the inseam and outseam for a total of 3" (7.6 cm) removed.  The picture below shows the original J2908 on top and modified J2908 on bottom.

On the back, I subtracted 1.5" (3.8 cm) from the inseam and 1.75" (4.4 cm) from the outseam for a total of 3.25 (8.3 cm) removed.  Again, the original J2908 is on top and the modified pattern is on the bottom.

In Nick's video, he tapered the reduction all the way up to the hip area.  I tapered mine to the knee because I didn't want the jeans to be too tight.  

That's pretty much it!  Like I said, I don't know if these are true skinny jeans, but I'm happy with them! 


 GOMI-worthy pose.  Yeah, I lurk.

These jeans are part of step 4 from the Starting from Scratch series.  Next is a white button-down to go along with the accessories from step 5.  Once I redo the cardigan and knit tee, I'll post an update with pictures.

Until next time, peace!



  1. you go girl! those look great!


  2. They are skinny enough - and as you want to move as well, I think the little extra probably helps...also, too skinny and you will look more top heavy. Just right, in my opinion :)

  3. Your jeans look great, as per usual.
    I missed something along the way, you keep referring to the "starting from scratch" series but I don't know why you're starting from scratch.

  4. The perfect amount of skinny :) They look great.

  5. These look the right amount of skinny and thank you for sharing the adjustments.

    Looking forward to seeing the first grouping of Starting from Scratch.

  6. You are a jean maestro. Well done. They look fabulous on you.

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