14 June 2015

Going to Need A LOT of Magic Closet

So.  Much.  Magic.  Closet.  I'm talking Narnia here.


I separated the lining from the facing two inches up from the hem and still cannot get rid of the horrible pulling.  The right side (shown above) is not nearly as bad as the left side.  The lining is no longer attached to the hem and is left to hang loose.

I've made three lined coats and three lined jackets.  I've never seen anything like this before.

It seems as if the front is longer than the front facing.  When I pulled up the front and pinned it, the pulling somewhat disappeared.

I carefully measured every seam line on the front, front facing, and lining and found one discrepancy of 1/2".  Everything else was pretty close with a margin of error of 1/8" - surely not enough to cause this much trouble.  Right?

I didn't use steam when fusing the interfacing, so I don't think shrinkage is the culprit.  Plus, interfacing is fused to both the front and front facing.  If the interfacing is to blame, it seems like both pieces would suffer the same fate.

The coat fabric was pre-washed, dried, and steam pressed prior to cutting the pattern.  My wool jackets were only steam pressed and the other three coats weren't pretreated at all.  This problem is a mystery.

So off to the magic closet it goes.  After some considerable time off from this coat, I'll go back and reattach the facing-lining unit by taking out that excess fabric near the collar.

I momentarily considered removing the lining completely and replacing it with some Ambiance rayon.  But, I'm not comfortable with discarding this lining...yet.  It matches the vision in my head and I can't shake that image.

Oh well.  

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I've started working on fall clothes since that seems to be lacking right now.

Until next time, peace!



  1. The front facing is too short. Rip it out at the hemline and lower front edge, let it all hang for at least a couple of days in your magic closet and then check the lengths of the front and the front facing. You will then know how to proceed.

  2. I agree that you need to magic closet this until you feel like facing it again. This is too major of a project for it to end up a wadder, but if you're entering a rescuing phase, it's best to do that fresh.

  3. No suggestions, but it sounds like you have a plan and have it under control. Hope it turns out the way you are imagining it.

  4. I say uggggg for you. Sherry's answer sounds right.

  5. into the magic closet and then i would do as Sherry recommended...so sorry


  6. You poor thing. Yes, a good clean break, then go back in small steps. Like Sherry says - day 1, undo facing, then put it away again. Then pin facing another day...put it away again.

    Sometimes no matter what you do, things distort. Like life...

  7. I hate it when you can't fathom a problem out. Would making a new hemline help go up an inch.. I can't suggest anything else, like Sarah Liz says take a breather from it could help

  8. Sometimes the solution comes after you take a break from it so it's a good idea to put it aside for now.

  9. Gee I have just got around to seeing these two post and feel your pain. It is length definitely and I agree with Sherry. I know you said you measured the seams but did you walk them?

  10. This has happened to me too . Yuk . What I did was undo everything put on the dress form wrong side out and the used pins to rest abolish the seams in such a way as to not get the deformities that were bothering me .i then used needle and thread to baste it all in place and then used chalk to trace the new seam lines ( after trying it on to check all was well) . It is interesting and rather horrifying to see how off my cutting was . Don't know HOW that happened.


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