05 June 2015

Randomness Today

1.  I don't know who this Murphy fellow is, but he needs to stop making laws.
2.  Had an appointment today.
3.  Wore my new duds:  Simplicity jacket, McCall's top, New Look skirt.
4.  Thought this was the perfect time to snap some photos.
5.  Camera breaks.
6.  You've got to be kidding me, right?
7.  The lens is stuck and will not move a millimeter.
8.  I consulted the Google.
9.  None of the fixes worked.
10.  It's not the batteries.
11.  I am annoyed.
12.  Seem to be having an electronics failure season.
13.  Again.
14.  I have almost 8 pounds of blueberries currently in my possession.
15.  That's not a typo.
16.  I really like blueberries.
17.  They'll be gone by this time next week.
18.  There is no gracious way to eat sliced mango that still has its skin.
19.  It was cool enough to wear a wool jacket this morning.
20.  In June.
21.  In the northern hemisphere.
22.  Got buttons for my trench coat.  They're perfect!
23.  Did I mention I was sewing a trench coat?
24.  Oops.
25.  I would show pictures. 
26.  Stupid camera.
27.  I've had it for eight years
28.  I guess it was time.
29.  Here's a cell-fie:

 What's on your mind today?  =)



  1. That outfit looks fantastic on you! I like that jacket even more seeing it on you than I did on the dressform, and I liked it a LOT on the dressform.

    1. Thanks Michelle! As a fellow busty chick, I definitely recommend this pattern. One thing to be aware of is the neckline opening: it stands away from the neck when zipped up. I will likely never wear this zipped up, so it's not an issue.

    2. Oh and the flare at the hem seems to be normal. The jacket on the envelope cover does the same thing, so I'm not worried about it. =)

  2. Loving that skirt. Hope you get the camera sorted

    1. Thanks Louise! Right now, cell phone pics have to do. My camera is not responding to any of the fixes I've tried and I doubt it's worth it to take it to a repair shop.

  3. Loving that skirt. Hope you get the camera sorted

  4. Replies
    1. LOL. I ended up giving some to a dear friend of mine. I could, in theory, eat all 8 pounds. In practice, quite a few would probably go bad before then and I don't want to waste them.

  5. Lovely ensemble and the skirt gives it the right pop. Uhh oh camera woes, hope you can get it fixed. Waking up to 50+ temps, but not going to complain, the heat will be here soon enough.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Meh, the camera is probably done. It's one thing to add to the growing list of electronics that need to be replaced.

      As for the temps, I love the heat! Bring on the 80s and 90s!

  6. What a wonderful outfit!!! That jacket looks Nicer On you than on the dressform.

    Do you have blueberry bushes? How did you end up with that many? Freeze them..on a flat tray fist and then put them all into a ziploc freezer bag and Use year long.

    There might not be a gracious way to eat mango with skin....but it sure is the tasty way. :) The city I grew up was famous for its mangoes and the hands and mouth increased the experience of eating mangoes than the ones My dad peeled and cut for us to eat.


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