27 November 2015

In Progress: Burda Skirt, New Look Shirt

Super huge thanks to Sharon for passing along her notes on how to sew the yoke on the Burda skirt.  I gave up on trying to understand the instructions and fumbled around with the pieces instead.  When I read her tips, everything clicked and I was able to insert the yoke without any problems.

I am not adding buttonholes, so the yokes are pinned temporarily.  

This isn't an error in sewing.  The back side seams are higher than the front to allow for attaching the facings.  

I have a hate-but-I-get-it relationship with facings.  When sewing skirts, I never include them, opting to use peterhsam instead.  In this case, though I am not sure how the facings will work and I haven't played with the pieces yet.  

Since my fabric is bit flimsy and wool, I wanted to include a lining.  Again, with the weirdness that is the top, I wasn't sure how to attach it.  So, I underlined it instead.

I cut the lining pieces the same size as the shell and hand-basted them together.  I know there is another way to underline and add a Hong Kong seam finish at the same time.  If I sew this pattern or underline again, I'll adapt the lining pieces for this type of finish.  I think it will make the insides look much nicer.

As I type this, I am wondering if a petersham waist finish is actually possible.  Hmm.  I would have to cut it in two pieces.  One piece would wrap from the right (pictured) front around to the left side seam.  The second, much smaller piece would be sewn only to the left (pictured) front.  I'll play around with it and see what happens.


Back in August, I started another version of my TNT top pattern, New Look 6407.  I stopped working on it when I joined the PR sewing bee.  Still in need of tops, I resumed working on it and am almost finished.

The fabric is stretch cotton poplin and is most unforgiving with wrinkles.  Why oh why do I torture myself like this!  I thought I learned my lesson with my last foray into stretch cotton poplin tops:

The wrinkles are not nearly as hideous as this, but still.  Gaaah! 


Both garments are part of my Starting from Scratch wardrobe building plan.  I'm not really following the order presented on the Vivienne Files - which is probably not how this is supposed to work. =)  Instead, I am filling in holes in my closet and trying to make things that I need to wear now while keeping in mind the colors in my plan.

That's all for now.  I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday.



  1. I think that's going to be a great skirt Lynne.

  2. Both the skirt and the blouse look like they are going to be beautiful.

  3. Looks like both the skirt and top are coming along nicely.

  4. I'm so glad you got some great instructions from Sharon. And as far as the wrinkles on poplin are concerned - check out some RTW poplin shirts, and I am sure you will find that these have wrinkles as well. Poplin can do that.

  5. I love how the skirt is coming along!!! Too bad about the poplin shirt ..

    I told u about my wardrobe issues, right? Now that I have got some help with RTW and my problem isn't adding pressure anymore, I'm getting ready to try sewing again. Starting from scratch wardrobe plan looks interesting ad might be doable if I keep it simple.

  6. There are no rules, except to build a wardrobe that's helpful and works well for you! Thanks for mentioning The Vivienne File - I really appreciate it.


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