27 September 2015

Catching Up...Again!

Where is the time going?!  It's almost October already?  Oy!

I've been doing some sewing, but not much blogging.  My intentions are good, but in reality...um...well.  Yeah. =)

Let's get on with the updates.  First I had the awesomest of awesome visitors to my house yesterday.  Kyle and Anne stopped by after attending the American Sewing Expo.  Their visit was pure joy!  I loved watching them raid my closet and try on the clothes I made!

Kyle is wearing New Look 6897 skirt and looking for more to try on!  Anne is wearing Jalie 2559 and looks fantastic!  The jacket fits her perfectly!  I tired on Anne's Motor City Express jacket and will probably sew that for Round 3 of the PR Sewing Bee - an experience about which I have yet to blog!  

Then came the big moment:  Kyle and Anne saw my sewing space and fabric stash!  Kyle had me laughing when she first entered the basement.  She had to stop and take it all in!!  LOL  Anne counted 31 bins of fabrc; I stopped counting after 24.  In my defense, one bin is full of lining, so that doesn't count.  Another bin is full of leather scraps.  So really, I only have 29 bins.  =)

We were treated to two demos by Kyle:  joining the edges of piping and inserting a zippered pocket - the prelude to making welt pockets. 

I asked about the piping because of this dirty little secret:

I knew there had to be a better way to make these ends neater.  Kyle showed us her process.

I took video of her process, but it appears to be too big to upload through Blogger.  When I use her technique (believe me I will!), I will try to explain it clearly.  It's genius!

She also showed us how to make zippered pockets.  Y'all know I have a fear of welt pockets and she and Anne both said if I can make a zippered pocket,  welt pockets were not that difficult.

I might push myself to add welt pockets to my upcoming jacket.  I have to do several practice pockets first before I cut into my fabric.  Good grief!

Anne and Kyle also brought gifts.  How sweet is that?!

Cute sewing tote from Anne.
Labels that point to the reality of my sewing from Kyle.

I had a great time with Anne and Kyle yesterday.  They were so much fun to have around and I laughed and learned a lot!  Thank you both for a wonderful day!


On the sewing front, I made some embellished jeans for the PR contest, am currently stumbling through a McCall's cardigan, and thinking about what to do for a lined jacket.  More soon!

Until next time, peace!




07 September 2015

Another New Look 6407

This makes four this year!

At the end of August, I started sewing a black version of this pattern to go with my Starting from Scratch wardrobe.  Then I saw the rules for the PR Sewing Bee.  Sew a fitted blouse?  For real?  

Not only did I already have the pattern pieces out, the fabric was pre-washed last year.  Score!  

The first change I made was to raise the neckline one inch.  This top is quite low-cut and puts the girls on full display.  Unless I'm wearing a jacket, I have to wear a camisole with it.  Raising the neckline solved this problem.

The first three versions all have cap sleeves and I wanted long sleeves.  I made a one-half inch bicep adjustment and did not make a muslin.  Nope.  Nada.  I just went for it.

The sleeve looks snug, but it isn't.  I can lift my arms and reach forward without any problems.

I used Pro-WOVEN Shirt Crisp interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply.  This stuff is expensive compared to Pellon, but it is fantastic for giving nice structured collars and cuffs.

Speaking of cuffs...these joints were a pain to put together.  The opening was a fraction too small for my machine's free arm, so I had to sew very slowly and carefully.  Topstitching took some maneuvering, but eventually it worked out.

The shirt looks okay without a belt, but I'll probably wear one anyway.  Here I've paired it with a dark brown linen skirt, animal print belt, and scarf.  Good dark colors for fall.

Even though I love this pattern and have another one in the mix, I wish it had a separate front band instead of a facing.  I'm going to try and use the pattern pieces from this pattern to adjust those of Butterick 5678.

That's all for now.  Until next time, peace!


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