11 January 2016

2015 Sewing Year in Review

I'm a little (okay a lot) late posting my year in review.  It seems my annual January cold came knocking right on schedule.  I was out for four days, but thankfully I am close to back to normal.  It's a good thing because after four days of drinking a year's worth of orange juice (for me at least), I really feel sluggish and want to work out.

"The Year of the Turtle" is how I describe my sewing adventures.  I sewed a total of 21 wearable garments.  There were actually a few more, but I don't consider them wearable.  Womp womp.

The Stats (includes wadders)

By garment:
  • 11 tops/cardigans
  • 6 skirts
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 jackets
  • 1 coat
By company:
  • 6 New Look
  • 6 BWOF/BurdaStyle
  • 4 Jalie
  • 3 Kwik Sew
  • 3 McCall's
  • 2 Simplicity
  • 1 Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick

BWOF 9-2006-104 (trench coat):  Wonky front facing notwithstanding, I am OVER THE MOON about this coat.  I love everything about it and feel good when I wear it.  Everything, and I mean everything, excites me about this coat!  I will definitely make another one.  Who says you can't have more than one trench coat??

BWOF 8-2009-107 (trench skirt):  Why not continue the trend with a trench skirt?  Again, Burda knocked it out of the park with the design of this skirt.  While it may be too small right now, I am still going to rock it.

Simplicity 2284 (jacket):  Having sewn Jalie 2559 a few times, I wanted to try a different style.  2284 proved to be the break from monotony that I wanted.  The fit is great and the style is simple enough to be chic and classic.  Love!

The wadders were a-plenty this year.  From bad fit to bad fabric, the FAIL was strong this year.

New Look 6407:  Despite this pattern being a TNT, I hate hate HATE this version.  The collar band is wonky in the worst way.  I think I have enough fabric to re-cut the stand and add the collar.  If this shirt is to be saved, then that's what I'll have to do. 

McCall's 7254:  This was on my must-sew list as soon as McCall's released it.  The result?  Massive fail.  Fabric weight is definitely important for this pattern.  My acrylic sweater knit was too fluid and created this unsightly mess.  I tried steaming out some of the fullness and pressing aggressively.  Nothing.  In the donation pile it goes.

Simplicity 1523:  I liked how this top fit, but those side bust pleats (WTF!) are a major NO.  There is potential with this pattern; I need to take the time to fold out the pleats.

Nakisha, you've made this top a couple of times and loved it.  How did you handle those boob wings...er...pleats?

Butterick 5678:  I give up.  I tried this pattern three times and always got the fugliest fit.   I am moving the eff on.

UFOs carred into 2016
The McCall's trench coat (5525) is still a UFO.  Le sigh.  I do not know why I can't bring myself to finishing this damn coat. 

Stashbusting Challenge 2015
Last January, I made a pledge to use at least 50 pieces of stash fabric and 10 patterns.  I used 22 pieces of stash totaling 38.75 yards and 8 patterns.  Again with the womps.  The pledge is on for 2016. This time, I am setting a more realistic (hah!) goal:  use 30 pieces of stash and 10 never-used patterns.  Stash counts as anything on hand from 1 Jan 2016.

2015 Sewing Intention Results
  • Sew exclusively from the stash and not buy fabric: Bwahahahahahahahaha
  • Make a full-length and warm tailored coat:  Never got around to it.  Still need it though.
  • Make a bra:  Maybe I should just stop adding this to the list.  
  • Start from Scratch:  Good intentions, mediocre execution.  Even though I've become more aware of how to style my outfits, I still have a ways to go with the wardrobe revamp.  
  • Sew one BWOF magazine per month:  That "per month" thing got me.  Hah!
2016 Sewing Intentions
  • Make two wool coats:  I have A LOT of wool coating and only one wool coat.  O_o  I should do something about that.
  • Just sew it:  Muslins are very useful, but they take time and often zap my sewjo.  I want to be more confident in the fit adjustments I need and make them right from the beginning - without a muslin.  For complicated or new pattern companies, I'll still do a muslin.  But for companies that I use regularly, I am going to make the adjustments I need, add just-in-case seam allowances and go for it.  
  • Curb the fabric buying:  This is a never-ending goal.  Even though I bought fabric last year, the amount purchased is no greater than in recent years.
  • Use more stash:  There is enough of it!
  • Sew the 6PAC:  A few years ago, I created and sewed a couple of six-piece wardrobes.  This plan worked well and kept me motivated to sew.  I started my first 6PAC already and completed two of the intended garments. 
That's my 2015 sewing year.  As always, I am thankful to all that stop by to read and share their thoughts.  Happy belated new year to everyone! 


  1. Well, I disagree about "year of the turtle." I think you were rather productive! Yes, that trench coat rocks!

    1. Thank you Tomasa. I'm hard on myself sometimes. =) For all of the hassle, the trench coat was definitely worth it.

  2. You had a wonderful sewing year L.

  3. I loved looking at all your projects, even the wadders. I had a nu mber of misses this year also.

    1. Thank you Mary. Despite having misses, we both press on!

  4. My favourite from everything you've made is the Simplicity jacket. It's a stand out! I failed my new years resolution by buying some impulse fabric (along with those well thought out purchases I was going to buy)) in the first week..Oops!
    I honestly shouldn't buy fabric until the year 2020!

    1. Thanks Valerie. I wore one of the jackets today and got a compliment from a coworker. It's a wee bit snug (mmmm...chocolate), but it still looks good. =)

      I don't even bother with pledging to not buy fabric; I know me! I will be more conscious of what (purpose) and when (stressed) I buy.

  5. I just want to hug your 'throwing caution to the wind with muslins' self! Hahaha! :)

    I do believe, with Burda ESPECIALLY, that the drafting is so consistent that you can do some flat measuring, make standard adjustments and 'go' for many, many things.

    You were really on a roll this year and got some amazing things sewn! Still loving that trench skirt! You've got a good stash goal for this year. I like the idea of sewing x cuts of fabric. That's reasonable.

    On that Simplicity top...I made two, loved them, realized I was always fussing with them...time passed, experienced increased and yep! I blame the boob wings! Neither is currently in my wardrobe.
    Definitely a feature that I think may work best on an A/B cup.

    1. LOL. You helped create this monster! It almost worked with my next project (deets soon) and I totally didn't make a muslin on my StyleArc cardigan. It's snug, but eh whatareyagonnado? =)

      Yes, I find that I can cut a 44 in Burda skirts and be good with minimal adjustments. I need to work out my bodice size and go from there. Knits are another story.

      Man, those pleats are a bad idea I should have seen coming. Maybe I'll try to fold them out of the pattern and see if that helps. This is really a cute top!

  6. Ok, I cracked up at the line about the "boob wings". I STILL want to make up my version of that Simplicity jacket, but the end of the year has killed my sewjo, so I'm trying to stick with easy/loungewear or TNT patterns until it comes back.

    1. Haha! Girl. You better get on that jacket!

  7. What a great sewing year! I still think you accomplished a lot! Well, a lot more than I did, lol!!! I absolutely love the trench coat you made too. I'm glad you are finding your groove by working on a 6 PAC. I'm sure it's going to look great, and I can't wait to see it!

    1. Thanks Vanessa. The 6PAC is a plan that works well because it allows me to get a few coordinating pieces, while not being bogged down in a massive wardrobe plan. I can totally see how this will fit in to my Starting from Scratch plan.

  8. Wow...you used lots of threads last year sis....I will also disagree with the "year of the turtle" if I may......lol. Looking forward to better 2016 , technically I am on fabric diet, but as my daughter said ...let's see how long it's gonna last..... Happy 2016 to you and all yours...

  9. You had a Fabulous Sewing Year! Great pieces and look forward to this year.

  10. A fantastic year and a lot of great garments, love the trench and off to check out the Simplicity jacket. Look forward to following your adventures this year.

  11. All in all, a good year - I think one has to factor in a wadder percentage in every year. It's sort of how we learn. Mind you, I have had more RTW wadders go in the bin than me made muck ups. Love your goals - yes, the stash just sort of continues in it's incremental steps. And that gorgeous wool- you must make it up. Otherwise, it will outlive you...that's what I am starting to say about my stash now, and it is motivating me to move it along a bit...

  12. Ohmygosh--you sounded so disappointed about the number of projects you'd completed, I expected something like ... two. 21?! That's awesome!

    You've made some really beautiful pieces and it sounds like you've learned a lot from the misses. Thanks for categorizing it all here for us. I'm still a beginner and it helps to know that even experienced seamstresses have fails now and then. There is SO much to learn, sometimes it's overwhelming!

    Congrats again, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects and posts in the coming months. :)


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