07 June 2016

Many Works in Progress

What does a short attention span in sewing look like?

This photo shows three projects all in progress:  two skirts and a fall/early winter coat.

It's not my fault, I swear.  Maybe a little.  See what had happened was...I saw that PR was running a skirt contest this month.  No problem! I can make a skirt in less than a month.   I really like my trench skirt and figured I could make it again and that it would be a good entry for the contest.

So I found some fabric and started cutting everything out on Saturday.

The tricky thing about contests is that they have...um...rules...and I neglected to read them before cutting the fabric.  Apparently, wrap skirts of any kind are not allowed.  Siiiiiiiigh.  I GUESS this is a wrap skirt - even though the use of buttons as a closure is allowed.  I don't get it but am still too sleep-deprived to argue.  Here the skirt sits in all its unfinished glory:

Still determined to participate in the contest, I traced and cut the only skirt to appear in this month's issue of Knipmode.

I am almost finished with it - except for the zipper.  And waistband.  And belt loops.  And hem.  Okay so I'm not almost finished.  But I can't go much further until I get the zipper.  I am not following the instructions because (a) they're in Dutch and (b) the order doesn't make sense.  So the skirt will sit (or hang) until I get the right size zipper.

Plus I'm debating whether to re-do the back topstitching.   Right now the seam is pressed to one side and topstitched.  But this makes the V look off center.  Maybe I should have topstitched on either side of the seam to achieve balance.  Meh.  If I have time, I will re-do it.  Maybe.

The third project in sewing limbo is a fall/winter coat.  What sparked this idea in the middle of two skirt projects?  Another contest!  PR is also running a natural fibers contest this month.  I bought this lovely wool melton from Kashi at Metro Textiles last summer with the intention of making this coat:

  Jamie Christina:  Abbey Coat

I was so excited about it last year that I made a muslin and all of the pattern adjustments.  Then pffft.  I gave up on doing all of the work.  Since the outerwear contest isn't until October this year, I thought it would be a good idea to get this coat made now since I'd like to be wearing it in October.

The contest ends on 30 Jun which means I have 23 days to get it done.  I want to go all out with hair canvas, padstitching, and other tailoring techniques.  No bound buttonholes, though.  I really don't have time to learn or do that. =)  I am either crazy or ambitious for trying to do this in three weeks.  I think I can make it happen if I focus and not waste time. That's a BIG IF!

Here the fabric is hanging to get some air before I steam press it.  I suppose I should go make the adjustments to the lining pieces and start cutting this out!

I will try to blog the process and sewing of the coat.  It will certainly be an epic endeavor!

That's all for now.  I need to get started on tracing and altering the lining pieces for the coat.  



  1. I read June 30th like nooooo the skirt contest ends June 15! But I see that's in reference to the natural fibers. Whew. :)

    Well you'll be happy when that khaki skirt is done because - awesome basic! I can't wait to see the Knipmode skirt finished. And I agree about straddling the seam with the top stitching so it appears balanced. At least you only have to undo the one line of stitching!

    So excited to see all of these done!!!!!

    1. Haha. Oops. I thought the skirt contest ended on 30 Jun. This will be interesting. =)

      Having sewn this pattern (technically) three times already, I should be a pro at getting it finished quickly and nicely. Hah. We shall see.

      I can't wait to see the Knipmode skirt finished too! Did you see Westmoon's version? Totes cute!

  2. At least you're *almost* done on two new skirts, right?

  3. At least you have admitted you are tryng to do them all, I just keep giving myself a strict talking to that I have to finish the three WIPs which I want to wear now!

    Your skirts look great and that coat is going to be amazing, can't wait to see them all finalised.

    1. It's a shame, really. LOL I once had a 'must finish current project before starting new" rule and that did not work. This works...sort of. Hah!

      I can't wait to see them all finished either. =)

  4. You must finish that beige skirt, it's so smartly awesome. And yes, the V, I think you would be happier if it looks more balanced. And the coat - yes, yes, you must make this. And nothing wrong with having multiple works on the go - if you run out of things like zips, you can at least keep working on something else.

    1. I bought buttons for the skirt and am excited to see how it looks when it's done. Since I won't be in a big rush to finish it for the contest, I can take my time and make sure everything is stitched and pressed carefully.

      You're right. I've picked the stitches for the back of the denim skirt and will re-do it.

      Having multiple projects at once definitely keeps things interesting! I don't like having to swap out serger thread etc. if I'm stalled on a project. But at least there's always something to do!

  5. Good luck with all of your projects, especially the coat. You will be one busy bee this month. I love how both of your skirts are coming along. That denim one is fabulous. I agree with straddling the topstitching too.
    I am thinking of joining the skirt contest too. I am working on a very plain and simple little skirt but I am not sure whether I will finish on time.


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