14 December 2014

Wrinkles Update & New McCall's

Thanks for your suggestions on what to do with my wrinkled shirt fabrics.  I haven't tried washing all of the fabric yet, but I did wash the in-progress stiff teal shirt.  The results do not look promising.  I think the fabric is just too stiff and the wrinkles are here to stay.  Plus I did something crazy:  I washed the partially-constructed pieces without thinking about the unfinished seams.  Yup, ravel city.  

The other teal version seems to respond better to extra pressing.  The fabric isn't as stiff and doesn't look half as bad as the other one.  I'll keep working on it.

In other news, did you see the Spring McCall's patterns?  Squeeeee!!!  I've never been so excited to buy patterns that I will likely not sew until they're out of style.  Oh pattern addiction - how I love thee so.

My must-haves:

This is like the Cake Patterns Tiramisu without the drama.  That foolishness totally turned me off of Cake, so I am happy to have an alternate.

I heart shirtdresses!  Plus it has shoulder princess seams!!  The stripes are giving me a migraine, though.

I don't know about the wide collar - it might look like awning covers on the twins.  The pattern has potential, though.

Like!!  I'm not a big fan of camo, but I would definitely try it with this pattern.

I pictured both Nakisha and Candice rocking this one.  So I'm jumping on the bandwagon before it leaves the station.

I love this top, but hate the fabric choices.  This top is only going to look right in something floaty, so I have to get over it and give georgette a try.  I can feel the frustration rising!

I'm totally blaming this purchase on Nakisha.  Her Vogue pants are faboo and she's made a good point about front and back princess seams on pants.  I hate angled pockets on me, but I'm willing to give them a try if my pants will look like hers.

My maybes:

I am on the fence about this one.  The sleeves are cut-on and there are bust and waist darts.  The print is pretty hiddy, too, but that doesn't deter me.  I'll have to think about it.

I like the idea, but the neckline is chokingly-high.  On a full bust, this is not always a flattering look.  I'll have to see others make it up before I decide.  This has the real potential of being uni-boobalicious and that's not a good thing.

So what are your picks?




  1. I did see the new spring patterns and I so appreciate another sewist/blogger's pattern addiction 'cause I have it all the time. I too liked many of the new patterns; my favorites were 7089, 7093, 7100 and 7084. I just order two more patterns from Butterick because of Club BMV sale and will have to wait for McCall's sale before I consider buying these.

    1. Pattern addictions are the best and the worst! Good picks Linda.

  2. All of your musts are on my list too! I was impressed with how many of these I actually wanted this time around. For the last couple of years I have only wanted 1 or 2 each release.

    1. Me too! I haven't wanted anything from any of the big 4 for a few years.

  3. Oooh, I just did my review on this collection and totally forgot to add 7093, this is my kinda shirt here! You got some great picks on your list too. I knew 7081 reminded me a pattern, just couldn't put my finger on it, thank you lol!

  4. "it might look like awning covers on the twins" LOL!! I think you might be right there.

  5. I really love so many of these. I always have to hold back on the dresses though but 7086 is just *lovely* and 7081 is a must. I always plan to make a pretty dress to wear on Mother's Day and then HA! It's like 34 degrees. Sigh.

    Let's make that bomber jacket!! Let's make pants!!!!!! And yes, 7093 is a must have!

    Oh and I like 7094 but have decided that I will never touch a floaty fabric again ever.

  6. My faves are 7081 and 7093, but I will wait for a sale before I buy any additional pattern, my pattern stash is overflowing and I gotta make them.

  7. I agree. I think that this is the best all-around release that I've seen from any of the Big 4 in quite a while. I really like a lot of these. Patterns that I need to buy are 7081 (the wrap-over Tiramisu with more options), 7084 (the princess shoulder seamed shirt dress), 7100 would be on the list, but I already own (and have in progress before I set it aside for my coat) the HotPatterns Sakura Bomber Jacket. 7093 (blocked blouse), 7094 (placket blouse), and 7098 (seamed pants) are all on my to-buy list. Also, the jumpsuit pattern (I know. I know), and the stuffed sharks (daughter wants all 3) are also on the to-buy list.

  8. I might go for those awnings, I could do with them, and I'll settle for a migraine as well - that stripe dress is to die for. And if you are on a stash fast, well a girl has got to have something, so patterns it is:).

    I'm glad one shirt is gradually being tamed - and if it doesn't co-operate, you could always wear it as a really casual shirt.

  9. Tiramisu without the drama ... hahahahah!!


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